I have personally seen many suicides and homicides over the years as a crime and suicide cleaner. My aunt committed suicide in 1980 when I was 11 years old. She checked into a hotel and drank rat poisening and took her last breath minutes later. My aunt happened to kill herself on her mothers birthday of all things. My mother and grandmother never understood why she committed suicide when her life was perfect. She had the perfect husband, home, car, and money to support her high end lifestyle that she had. My grandmother was so depressed we thought she may try to hurt herself over this terrible situation they were left in. My mother still carried around the last letter her sister was in the middle of writing when she took her life that night. I uncle was devastated as he truly loved his wife and couldn't understand why! Why he said, as I remember being in their home shortly after the incident took place. She was very beautiful and was the sweetest lady you could ever meet. Today I try to put myself in my customers shoes and try to walk with them through their tragedy. Sometimes people sad, rude, angry, and quiet. Everyone acts different during a time like this. I've seen people totally cool, calm, and collective, and then see them crack at the end of the job when reality kicks in. I am here to help you get through a bad situation that you and your family has gone through. You will like and feel comfortable around my whole team of cleaning specialists. We do this job because we care. We can find other ways to make an income for our families. Thanks for reading my little story. I am a Christian so I don't feel like I'm offending anyone by saying May God Bless you and your family!!



Crime Scene Cleanup